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You think you’ve found a Reno SEO company specializing in Google rankings? Here’s the 2 tests to prove you’re right!


Search engine optimization is increasingly a specialized art that requires websites to respond to the continuously changing online environment. In particular, finding a Reno SEO company specializing in Google rankings https://ocgcreative.com/services/search-engine-optimization/ can be challenging because the days of randomly dumping keywords in a website have gone. So, how can you be sure you’ve got the right SEO company specializing in Google rankings? Let’s begin!

Is your website becoming increasingly relevant to your market?
All search engines, Google included, want great website sites that provide interesting content in an easy-to-access fashion and are consistently updated over the long term. A website that does this are ranked higher, appear higher on search pages and a shown more often when someone types a question into the Google search bar. A SEO company specializing in Google rankings will ensure your website improvement has a content development program that will be foundational to their work, optimizing it for search engine results. Imagine someone typing into a search engine, how do I change a car tire’. If the first Google results show you pages to do with tired’ old men, how to replace tired’ bathroom tiles or how to change the windshield wipers, you will go looking for help somewhere else. But we all know how accurate and comprehensive Google question results are now; they are increasingly spot-on. Google values, promotes and uses relevant websites and their pages. To successfully pass this test your SEO company specializing in Google rankings must enable your website to become more relevant and be used in more ways by Google as a reference point for your topic.

Are you gaining reputable links from authority sites in your market?

Yes, there are dubious characters out there who will sell you 100 links from impressive sounding domains such as Harvard or Nasa, educational sites like the Department of Education or other government websites where the very domain name is meant to influence your website’s ranking and magically bring in hundreds of potential customers. This just does not work. Often, these service providers have never trained in real SEO and can’t explain how a SEO company specializing in Google rankings uses backlinks effectively. The links they create are often fringe’ support forums or directories linked loosely to the kinds of sites mentioned above and the agency never fully shares what they are doing. This adds no value to your website and won’t move you up or even onto the first page of search results.

A true SEO company specializing in Google rankings will be completely transparent with you and explain Google’s best practices to you fully. In addition, they will build links with other sites of high page rank, strong page authority and websites considered highly by your market; you’ll notice these sites have a lot of engagement such as comments, questions and thoughtful replies from the website owners. This will not only drive traffic to your site, it will help increase the quality of the people visiting. What does  quality’ mean? For any business, it means people looking to buy what you are selling; we call this conversion when someone pays real money to buy your goods or services.

Ultimately, your website must respond to what your market is searching for on Google, Yahoo and Bing. As new topics become of interest to your market, your SEO company specializing in Google rankings will help you develop content that is presented in such a way that your website is the go-to place for answers. This, in turn, will drive new ways to increase your business through potentially gathering email addresses, selling your own e-books or affiliate offers and developing referral business because your website visitors trust you and recommend you to their friends and family.

The Secret To Choosing The Right SEO Company


Online business is one of the best marketing techniques to reach many customers and also to earn quick money for your business. You can even double your sales by way of appointing a good SEO firm they can able to increase the visitors to your site and it may lead to better conversion rate. Nowadays, there are many companies are engaging in doing SEO activities and hence you have to check some factors before deciding an SEO firm for your business. A seo agency in newcastle upon tyne can be very useful in increasing your website traffic thereby leading to new customers for your business. Websites like practicalecommerce.com carry plenty of information that can be helpful I picking out an SEO firm. You can find here on how to select an SEO company for your business requirements.

Authenticity is an important factor for considering a good SEO company. The market is flooded with many SEO firms and each other giving more benefits and offers to attract many customers but only fewer SEO firms can deliver good results as per your business requirements. Hence it is good to check for the authenticity of an SEO firm before finalizing.

Budget is one of the other important factors in deciding an SEO company. You should have a proper knowledge about the services offered and charges. There should a guaranteed return for the investments you made in the form of appointing an SEO firm. There are many firms, they are ready to provide you with the services at the cheaper rate, but they cannot guarantee you any commitment regarding the business developments.

Customer Service
Communication is a very important between you and your SEO company. They have to regularly touch in with your for each and every action what they are doing to increase the visitors to your site. You can able to check your business progress with the help of the reports being provided by the SEO firm. Checking the reports regularly will help you to do some changes if the current plan is not working in a positive manner. Also, check if the SEO firm can able to provide their services at any time in case of any emergency situations.

SEO Techniques
Other than the normal trend of using internet and search engines, your SEO has to utilize the services of Facebook pages, Google Instant search options and internet articles to increase the visitors to your website.

You cannot simply judge the level of the SEO services based on the customer feedback options. Some of the clients are being paid by the SEO firms to post positive comments and some other clients are paid by their competitors to post negative comments. Still, there are some genuine comments by people who post comments along with their portfolios.

It is good to appoint an SEO firm who are having a good experience in the field for many years. They can easily execute a plan for your business and they will ensure that your investment in the SEO firm is worth by giving some good return of your investments. They will appoint an expert for your company to study about your business and about your requirements. Accordingly, they will provide a good plan for your business